Other Publications

Azila is a prolific writer in addition to the numerous academic publications many of her poems and short stories have been published in many literary journals around the world. Some of her poetry has been translated into other languages. One of her work was printed in the New York subway under the aegist of ‘poetry in motion

A small sample of Azila’s Academic publications:

  • Reisenberger, Azila “A Jewish Perspective” in Ancient Tales for Modern Times: reflections on Abraham and his children. Van der Merwe, Chris N. Lux Verbi (Eds): Cape Town. 2009. 181-185. ISBN 978 07963 0789 7
  • Reisenberger, Azila “Validation through Hebrew Literature“, in Journal for Language Teaching Vol 41 (2). December 2007. 112-122. ISSN 0259-9570
  • Reisenberger, Azila “Suture, the Seam between Literatures” in Journal for the Study of Religion Vol 19 (2). 125-137. ISSN 1011-7601
  • Reisenberger, Azila “The Development of Halachah and Jewish Women” in Journal for the Study of Religion Vol 18 (2). 75-87. ISSN 1011-7601
  • Reisenberger, Azila “The Sabbath Trap and other Pitfalls in Xhosa Translations of the Bible” in Journal for the Study of Religion in SA Vol 12 (1-2), Dec. 2000. SA. 120-127.
  • Reisenberger, Azila “Biblical Women: Non-Existent Entity” in Journal for Constructive Theology, 6 (2), Dec. 2000. SA. 57-68.

As Editor

  • Reisenberger, Azila (Ed) “Echoes of Religion in Minority Literatures” in Journal for the Study of Religion Vol 19 (2). ISSN 1011-7601
  • Reisenberger, Azila (Ed) (2005) Pride in Tradition through Acceptance — Jewish Identity in SA as reflected in Lison’s Stories. Green Sea Publishers, Cape Town. ISBN 0-620-33944-6.
  • Reisenberger, Azila (Ed)(2002) Women’s Spirituality in the Transformation of South Africa. Waxmann Munster: New York/Munchen/Berlin.
  • Reisenberger, Azila (2011) The Other Booker Prize. ISBN: 978-0-9870042-3-9




Poetry books:

  • Reisenberger, Azila (2008) Life in Translation. Modjaji, Cape Town. ISBN 978-0-9802729-1-8.
  •                                                                                                                   Reisenberger, Azila (1994) Kisses Through a Veil. Green Sea Publishers, Cape Town. ISBN 0-620-18698-4.
  • Reisenberger, Azila (2002) Mahzor A’hava. Gevanim, Tel Aviv. ISBN 965-411-455-0
  • Reisenberger, Azila (1986) Nekuda U’mabat. Eked, Tel Aviv




  • Reisenberger, Azila (2012) Silver Highlights.ISBN: 1–874 – 92383-1




Short Stories

  • Reisenberger, Azila (2004) Mipo ad Kap Ha’Tikva Ha’Tova (From Here to the Cape of Good Hope.) Gevanim, Tel Aviv. ISBN 965-411-678-2

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