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Here is a letter from an attendee from the book launch held on 25/10/11 

Not just (an)Other Booker Prize

Last week I was invited to a book launch. I thought to myself, who goes these days to book launches? who reads books?  And I was blown away.

Two hundred and fifty people came to the Gitlin Library, in the Jewish Centre in Cape Town, to launch “The Other Booker Prize”, by popular writer, academic and women’s right activist Azila Talit Reisenberger.

After the enlightening talk about “Otherness” and literature, excerpts from the book were read, and one could hear the attentive silence broken by huge roars of laughter. It was amazing.

The impressive turn-out , followed by volumes of excited online reaction and chatter, once again puts Cape Town on the literary map.

I bought the book, and started reading it – and read it through the night. “The Other Booker Prize” is such a page turner, witty book, and is such a wonderful part of South Africa rich tapestry of people and cultures.

If we don’t celebrate more “others” in South Africa we will be so much poorer nation. Go get “The Other Booker Prize” and you know what I mean; and whoever tells you that the age of reading literature is over, is wrong.

Christel Kalil


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