Who is Azila?


Dr Azila Talit Reisenberger has a passion for literature and when not reading or writing books she is head a Head of the Hebrew in the School of Language and Literature at the University of Cape Town.

In addition to numerous academic publication, Azila has published various volumes of poetry and short stories in both in Hebrew and in English, one of which won a prestigious literary prize in Israel; and two of her plays were staged. Her most recent poetry book:Life in Translation’ that was published in the beginning of the 2008, by Modjaji Books, in South Africa met with accolades; it has been sold out and has gone into its 3rd edition. Azila has also written numerous academic papers and books.

Azila, who is known to her friends by the nickname ‘Tzili’, is a charismatic woman, who travelled the world in her youth. During  this epic voyage she lived with Eskimos, got lost on the Amazon river… and found a husband. They came for a honeymoon to Cape Town where they settled down, and have raised their family.

Azila / Tzili, is a sought-after lecturer at academic conferences and universities as well as public meetings all around the world.

In academia: she teaches and publishes in the field of the Bible and Hebrew literature with focus on Gender issues and the South African experience.

During her sabbatical in 2010, a European Patronage that support the arts, invited Azila to be “Writer in Residence”, in the Netherlands, where she completed a new poetry book and the manuscript for ‘The Other Booker Prize’

Azila not shy of controversies, she is a champion of women’s rights – in various women’s organisations and in the media; and since 1989, she has served as spiritual leader of the Jewish Progressive Community in East London, South Africa (the only woman  ‘Rabbi’ in SA).

To find out more you can visit her website or read about her on Wikipedia.

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