The Book

The Other Booker Prize tells a narrative story of Abigail Pearlmuter from Tel Aviv, who insists on doing “what is right” though sometimes, as she says, “a little bit of wrong is also right”. She incarnates what many people would like but don’t dare to be because, mostly, they don’t feel comfortable breaking social patterns. A story filled with puns, plays on words and peppered with wit, this book is guaranteed to delight. (ISBN: 978-0-9870042-3-9)

The book is divided into 3 sections:

Part 1

The adventure begins.

After spending two years of study in a famous art school amongst aspiring artists and other bohemians, Abigail has an “epiphany”. She decides to leave and travels the world before she meets her soul mate and they settle in Cape Town, South Africa.

Part 2

 Challenges abound.

Abigail is a linguistically challenged outsider when she settles in South Africa and brings up children in a foreign language. It includes some amusing observations on South African customs.

Part 3

Creativity unleashed.

Abigail dabbles into writing. As the essence of her existence is words and storytelling, living in a culture different to the one she was brought up in allows for a great sense of fun, with some sobering experiences when she realizes she can never get the Booker prize – which is obviously what prompts the title of the book.

The motifs of the novel are fairness, honour, communication, creativity, and, above all, forms of Otherness: Otherness while travelling in foreign lands; cultural Otherness during immigration, and linguistic Otherness as a foreign author writing in a marginal language and reflecting on issues from The Margin.

Though some of these themes in life may be sad at times, in the book there is no negativity, ‘Abigail’ does not “do” negativity.


4 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. So excited Tzili, I just bought your precious book today and I cannot wait to read it ………….

  2. Jutta Schoof said:

    Only read the resume now, Tzili – sounds wonderful, very much like you, and I am looking forward very much to reading the book – and the launch tomorrow! Love, Jutta

  3. Hi Tzili, both Alex and I have started reading your book, so far its been difficult to put down! Congratulations and well done. I will tell all my friends about it too.
    lots of love, Juanita

  4. Christine Malan also known as Tina or Tinie) said:

    what a book!!! what a story !!! what a life!!!!! WOW

    I picked it up at at 14.45 yesterday and read till 02.45, with a small break for coffee and nuttywheat rusks. Slept for 5 hours and read again from 8.45 and finished it just now (12.00)

    I was on the point to start reading again it right from the beginning, when it occurred to me that I might be able to find you on the internet. Please bear with me if I am incoherant .

    The reading took me back to 1979 when a friend and I spent the year backpacking and working our way around Europe and Israel. Backbreaking work picking ‘pilpel’ for Moti and Tikva Tzur at moshav Ein Yahav in the desert. (I wonder if they are still there??? will they still remember Tina the silly Southeffrican that communicated through afrikaans – and an english/hebrew dictionary when sign language didnt work????)

    You wanted to see Eskimos, I wanted to see the midnight sun in Norway. So my Eurrail pass was also used to dash up to Narvik.

    Thank you for a wonderful book – that took me back to my 30’s and a year that changed my view of people and the world.

    Christine Malan

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